May 2, 2018

When I talk to people about foiling, most of the conversation focuses on how foiling can be a great thing to do when conditions are not great..."the wind sucks, so I will go foiling" or "the waves are mushy, so I will foil today". I think there is some truth to these statements...that's actually how and why I got into foiling. But...what is cool about foiling is that it forces you to daydream again--daydream about possibilities, pushing limits, trying new things, experimenting, learning, crashing, and experiencing breakthroughs. I've learned that experimenting is something with foiling is exciting to me. As I daydream more, I think of pushing foiling out of it's current bubble. 

As some of you may know, I have wondered how windfoiling might be in high winds, and also in waves! I have installed a deep tuttle box in a Simmer Freegal 100 wave board. The board is pretty short, just a bit over 7 feet long, and it is a little wider at 61cm, which seemed like a good start for the mission. I in...

January 24, 2018

Fascinated by seeing videos of athletes like Kai Lenny cruising around effortlessly on various foil setups, I decided to take the plunge into the foiling world. In June 2017, the opportunity to buy two Go Foils was too enticing to pass up. A week later, the FedEx delivery guy showed up with two large boxes. I knew exactly what they were, and I had a hard time containing my excitement. 

I opened up the boxes, removed some of the packing, and pulled out a mushroom shaped bag. Inside the bag was a carefully packaged foil set...mast, two wings, and appropriate hardware. Go Foils (like some other foils), require a Tuttle box to install. 

What started as a quick mental inventory turned into a scramble, as I realized I did not have a single board with a deep tuttle box. I reached out to people I knew, "Hey, I'm looking for a board with a deep tuttle box, do you..."

"Yeah, you and everyone else in the world right now, haha." was the response.

Faced with the reality that I may not be able to use my...

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