The 2017 Blacktip X represents the Simmer Style legacy of high-end performance coupled with hardcore durability that was established from the onset. With it’s bullet proof construction, Blacktip X enters the arena ready to slay, in any size wave and stay hungry for another.  Without a doubt, this sail will handle severe punishment, giving you more than a second chance if you are in an environment with sharp features and obstacles. With an all X-Ply construction and PVC main paneling, Blacktip X also possesses the precise handling and fingertip reaction that the Blacktip is famous for, being of the same profile. This is the best choice for any rider who wants a bullet proof sail that allows you to go for it, knowing your gear can handle it. Blacktip X is your shield of power and  performance.

2017 Simmer Style Blacktip X

$729.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price