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Wind/Wing Foilboard

One board for all foil destinations, Wind, Wing and Sup. The 2022/23 Airbolt is the ultimate compact and easy foil board that seamlessly crosses over between the disciplines. What we love most about foiling is all the places we now can have epic sessions at.


Keith Teboul: “The Airbolt marks a new direction in wind foiling, bringing the feeling of rail-to-rail riding and high wind bump & jump to those ‘average’ days where the conditions at your local spot are marginal. Using our crossover knowledge and feedback from KT Surf foiling – we have created a board range that introduces a new sensation to Foiling.

With the rider back foot positioned directly on the foil, and with mast box placed further back than other foil boards in the market, the Airbolt delivers the industry’s most direct feeling from the sail to the foil. The Airbolt brings it all together, from early and easy take-off with maximum acceleration to rail-to-rail carving, gliding, and pumping, requiring minimum sail/wing or paddle pressure. We learned that foiling is extremely easy and more fun, when the playing field is balanced.”


Casey Hauser: “The New Airbolts Size by Size. The length and width of the boards are designed to combine the stability they need with a lively feel. Long enough that you can cruise and take off in the light winds effortlessly, but short enough to reduce the swing weight or inertia when flying.


The larger sizes provide an even more stable platform to start from and progress, or for taking advantage of the less powerful conditions. The smaller sizes will provide all the manoeuvrability and responsiveness that will surprise the most advanced riders.


The new 90 has been designed with the advanced foiler in mind. With the least amount of volume, it still provides a balanced flotation to fly on the lighter winds. In the air, the pulled in nose and tail increase manoeuvrability for effortless banks and turns and easy control through jumps and loops.


The 105 and 120 being the mid-sizes, offer the maximum combination of range and manoeuvrability.

The new 135 and the 150 feature a wider outline with the volume positioned further back for increased stability, low-end power and easier take-offs for beginners and light wind foilers alike.”


The bigger sizes are ideal for the first-time foilers, especially when riding on the inboard footstrap settings, or it can also be tuned for freerace/freeride foiling on the outboard inserts, allowing you to put bigger sail thanks to its wider foiling tail.

The smaller sizes are more freeride/freefoil orientated, giving the board a livelier feel, with more reactivity under the foot, ideal for smaller sails/wings and the more advanced rider.


You can start flying on the Airbolt on as little as 8 knots, having the same up-wind angle as if you were on a giant formula board but faster, and with way less effort and a much smaller sail, and going down-wind, you can surf the chop, with the same sensation as if you were on a wave.


The Airbolt is compatible with all the foils in the market thanks to its Double US box and Foilbox ready DTT, but it’s more comfortable with the bigger aspect wings, allowing you to take off with less speed compared to a high aspect foil.

The Airbolt is your all-in-one foil board, which can be easily adapted to your daily mood. If you are keen on SUP foiling, Wing, or Wind foiling, you will always have fun.”


Bottom Shape & Cut-Outs
From the nose through the mid-section, the Airbolt is designed with deeper concaves and rail bevels for a maximum rebound when they inevitably touch down happens. The back of the board incorporates a rocker line and planing surface similar to our racing boards with the cut-outs of our KT pure foiling line to ensure an early glide and touch-less flights.


Volume Distribution
Volume flow is placed towards the rear of the board to increase stability and early take-off in the lightest of breezes.

Footstrap Inserts

The Airbolt offers a variety of footstrap insert options depending on the style of foiling that you are doing, seamlessly transitioning between Freeride or Freerace, Wing, SUP, or even Surf foiling in a single session.

Foil Boxes

The boards feature longer track and foil box attachment systems. The track allows you to precisely balance your foil for perfect pressure, while the foil box accommodates all Tuttle options.

Custom deck pad to accommodate all the uses.

Mini Handle
New comfortable yet reduced bottom handle right in front of the foil

Leash Plug
Ideal for Wing or Surf Foil option.


Recommended windsurfing sail size:

90 liters from 2.7 m to 4.7 m
105 liters from 3 m to 5.3 m
120 liters from 3 m to 6.0 m
135 liters from 3 m to 7.8 m
155 liters from 3 m to 9 m

Carbon Construction, Full Carbon Deck.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.

Available in 90, 105, 120, 135, 155 liters.

Sizes 90 & 105 come with Futures 10.75” Fin Boxes.

Sizes 120, 135, & 155 come with Futures 10.75” Fin Boxes and Deep Tuttle Foil Box.


Available in Bright Blue & Fluo Yellow.

2022/3 Goya Air Bolt Carbon

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