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The Shibi SUP is one of the most versatile stand up boards on the market.  The Shibi is a scaled up version of the ultra popular Kazuma Shibi fish shortboard.  
The Shibi SUP has that same distinctive outline of the Shibi shortboard which alows for a wider and longer board to feel like a much smaller board.  
The unique Shibi bottom features a defined deep vee-double concave tail feeding the radical quad fin setup for amazing speed, response and tight turning ability.  
Many of my heavy weight riders like Alika Moepono ride the Shibi SUP and love that they can get a small board feel in a high volume board

Pure custom professional surf construction.
This line has a clear epoxy lamination similar to a regular shortboard construction to fill the real surfing feeling.
To offer the best performance, the custom pro comes with an Honeycomb Fin set by Kazuma.

Shibi SUP - Custom Pro Wave

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