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"I was first introduced to Simmer Sails in 2000--I have been on them ever since."

I first took windsurfing lessons at the age of nine on the Shores of Lake Tahoe on a Summer camping trip with my family. From the first time I was able to feel the pull of the wind as it propelled me forward, I knew I was hooked. I have since spent the next 30+ years searching for the perfect conditions to continue my quest for the perfect ride. I was first introduced to Simmer Sails in 2000--I have been on them ever since. Simmer now offers a full lineup of world-class gear: Sails, Boards, Hardware, and Wetsuits for the most discrimnating buyer. Quite simply, Simmer offers some of the best gear on the planet. 


After enjoying windsurfing for so long, I looked to promote the sport along with the gear that I love. In 2016 I teamed up with Kai Katchadourian to offer Simmer products to riders in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


In 2017 I sought to expand my product offerings, and after talking with Francisco Goya, I was super excited to offer the Goya and Quatro lineup to my customers. 2018 started with a bang, as I teamed up with Slingshot and Ride Engine to complete my foiling lineup for you. 


Whether you are riding waves, cruising the bay, riding the sunrise/sunset at Rio, or relaxing at Shoreline Lake, I have you covered. Whether you are windsurfing, SUPing, surfing, WIndfoiling, SUPfoiling, or surf-foiling, I have you covered. I offer some of the best gear on the planet: Simmer Style, Goya, Quatro, Kazuma, Slingshot, and RideEngine.


I try all of the gear I sell, and offer a full lineup of demo gear. I can offer you advice on gear selection based on your needs. I pledge to offer excellent service, competitive prices, and honest advice. I guarantee you will enjoy the gear you buy from me. I offer a two week guarantee: if you try it and are not totally stoked on it, I offer you an exchange for something else in my store. My goal is that you are 100% stoked on your experience with in my shop and on the water. I look forward to growing the windsurf community. Questions? Please ask!


See you out on the water!



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