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Simmer Style was born on Maui in 1981. Over the years, Simmer Style has been in the hands of some of the best windsurfers in the world, and has been a featured brand in every level of competion on the planet. Simmer Style has grown a reputation for providing winsurfers with a high performance product that was built to last more than one season. Simmer Style represents the pinnacle of windsurfing performance today--it is the best equipment money can buy. Simmer Style has got you covered--it offers a full product range of boards, sails, masts, booms, estenseions, softgoods, and accessories. Welcome to the world of Simmer Style! #Doitwithstyle

"James Van has used Simmer Style sails and products for nearly two decades and understands what it takes to enjoy windsurfing to the fullest in every environment. His foundation of Van Surfsports provides a greater reach of availability and visibility for the brand here in the Bay Area. He's always available to answer questions and guide you through the Simmer Style lineup of products."


-Kai Katchadourian US-33

Simmer Team Captain 

"I've been sailing Simmer Sails for years now, and they just keep getting better! After 30+ years of wave sailing, I have tested and gone through plenty of gear. Simmer now makes some amazng waveboards, booms, masts, and bases. I sails at Waddell primarily, and I sail a lot. I will continue using Simmer equipment. Now I am buying equipment through James at Van Surfsports, and he really makes it a pleasure to do business, and at very fair prices.

Keep sailing, and stay young."


-Eric W.

Veteran Wave Sailor


Van Surfsports is an ocean boardsports shop dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and the best gear on the planet. Whether you are charging double mast high waves, or cruising the Bay, Van Surfsports has you covered!

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