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Simmer’s Iconic World Wide Wave sail which has won multiple awards for its perfect balance of power. For 2016, the Icon is available in two versions, a super durable all X-Ply/Q-Ply construction and a light-weight Monofilm/X-Ply/Q-Ply version.

The 2016 Icon has been re-designed to deliver more drive and better maneuverability, inspired by the mast curves and outlines from the Blacktip and Apex. It features a more low aspect ratio outline, with more shape in the lower front of the sail profile to generate speed for turns. The Icon’s key feature its massive wind and tuning range. allowing you to tune the sail to a wide range of conditions. The five batten compact outline gives you a very stable sail profile in types of conditions, whether maneuvering towards the lip or precision controlling jumps.

What makes the 2016 Icon so unique is direct response combined with a massive wind and tuning range.

2016 Icon

$699.00 Regular Price
$399.00Sale Price
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