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The Freegal is a reduced length wave board, combining the speed of a fast tail rocker flow with the radical performance of a compact tail. Freegal is a versatile board which can be tuned to perform well in all conditions from onshore wind waves to  down the line ground swell type conditions. It is inspired from recent developments in the surfing world and it provides quick adaptation between different turning styles. Riding a  Freegal helps the sailor to utilize every part of the wave. The Freegal thrives under the feet of an active sailor who pushes the turns and looks for vertical sections on the wave. It responds very sensitively to the riders input but still handles a powerful turn. The combination of low drag and tight turning performance makes the Freegal unusually good when chosen in larger than normal sizes for sailing when the wind and waves are less powerful. As such, it is an excellent choice as a float and ride complement to a smaller wave board. It also performs in standar

2017 Simmer Style Freegal

$1,899.00 Regular Price
$1,399.00Sale Price
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