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The 2017 Tricera is designed to feel extremely light in your hands. It is optimized for maximum freedom and maneuverability. It is the closest feeling you can get to surfing with a sail in your hands. Tricera features the most precise control levels for the steepest and most critical sections of the wave, the sail profile provides no limitations in how you want to position yourself on the wave face. This is the sail to maximize your ability to express yourself on the wave in any angle of wind. The Tricera is best suited for the advanced wave sailor who wants to push their wave riding to the next level and expand their repertoire into the futuristic contortions that the new style of windsurfing consists of. Very well suited with the smallest sizes in your quiver. Tricera is all about the freedom to get out there and do what before, you could have only imagined.

When it’s firing down the line, the Tricera is in it’s element!

2017 Simmer Style Tricera

$699.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
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