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For 2020 Sail Designer Tomas Persson and top PWA competitor Marc Paré have re-designed every size from 3.1 to 5.9 to deliver the best possible performance in all imaginable conditions. The smaller sizes have been designed with a narrower luff for direct handling and improved control in stronger winds. The width of the mast sleeve gradually increases towards the larger sizes to generate the perfect blend of power and balance. The winning characteristics for the 2020 Blacktip are its ultra-light and direct handling combined with an extremely wide wind range. The compact outline and medium to low aspect ratio provides powerful front-end drive to generate speed in turns.


New for 2020 are precision tapered battens on the lower two battens. The taper is designed to push the sail profile forward and keep draft locked in for stability. For 2020 we have also made some refined technical advancements which combined create a more effective sail. The new luff features more curve in the top 25%, but with a breaking point for the twist lower down in the sail. This allows the sail body and mast to generate more energy which effectively creates a more dynamic sail body. Vertical shaping techniques allow us to create a more harmonious sail profile which results in a more even skin tension between all areas of the sail.

2020 Simmer Blacktip

$659.00 Regular Price
$527.20Sale Price
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