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Surfwave Thruster

Thruster performance, exponentially enhanced. For the Custom 3 Pro we are pairing our most progressive wave shapes with a V bottom shape and a faster rocker line. Slightly less rocker, making them faster and more stable.


New outlines and rail flow, the Custom 3 Pro is a middle ground between the Custom 4 Pro and the One 3 Pro.


Francisco interviews Marcilio on the new shapes:

FG: How was your experience developing the new Custom Thruster?
MB: They felt excellent from the start, as we applied all the things that we learned from my pro models, combining a V-bottom shape with a bit faster rocker line and thruster fins.


FG: Where would you position the Custom Thruster in the line?
MB: Between the Custom 4 and the ONE. The initial design objectives focused on maintaining its wave riding performance in a wider variety of conditions. But as the line increases in sizes, we noticed more and more people loving the Custom 3 for bump & jump riding, which drove us to focus on refining some of the low end and speed characteristics to plane earlier, jump higher, and still get to those radical turns that stay with you.


FG: What would you say the main differences are between this model and the Custom Quad?
MB: The main difference is on the full V-Bottom with a slightly sharper rocker and more parallel outline. In the water, they are so much fun. They are easier to break the line and get vertical on a tight area. The tail releases earlier, making takas and other moves more accessible in all-around conditions.


FG: How does it compare to the ONE?
MB: The Custom 3 has a more curved outline than the ONE, designed for the more wave-oriented rider. The slot boxes offer the fin movement required by the more advanced riders.


FG: And with the new Nitro?
MB: They share the same bottom with the Nitro but with a more wave performance-oriented outline, especially more in tune for the windier and better frontside days.


FG: Why not five boxes and outer straps options?
MB: Thrusters work best on these V bottoms, and I wouldn’t want to carry those two extra boxes on a performance board. They add weight and drag.


FG: What can we expect as we jump on these new shapes from the previous year?
MB: They are faster and with added comfort and control. They will maximize your ride in all conditions, from ON, Side-On to Off-Shore.


FG: Would we see you using these boards in the tour?
MB: These boards were a huge surprise to me. They felt so easy and with such early planning that it just felt as if they brought my most consistent sailing forward. I am pretty sure I will compete on these models as I did before in Tenerife and Denmark, maybe more this year. I’m hoping that we finally start having some events. I’m ready!


PWA World Tour Approved.

Pro Construction, Full Carbon & S-Glass Hull.

Available in 76, 82, 86, 92, 99 liters.

Comes with the latest generation MFC footstraps.

US Box 8” center, 3rd Gen. Slot Boxes sides.

Available in Fluo Yellow & Bright Blue.

High Density Full Double Sandwich.

2022/3 Goya Custom 3 Pro

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