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With rave reviews of the Carve Pro series, we sought to polish and refine the concept to make it even more aggressive in waves. The range overall sees a modification in fin position, moving the cluster more forward, to increase overall drive, efficiency, and flow on the wave face.


Features on this board include a faster rocker. The boards simply accelerate quicker and have a faster top end speed on the wave, making turns more radical and allowing you to make the section easier than on previous models. The fast rocker also helps increase paddling speed, making it easier to catch waves and get into the best positions. This is especially noticeable in fast waves and crowded line ups. Speed is so important in small and big waves alike and these new boards have lots of it.


Furthermore, the new Carve Pro delivers a high nose lift in combination with a narrow nose width. This really helps when dropping in, especially late drops on bigger waves when you don’t want the nose to catch. Thin rails aid in a looser feel, and a tighter turning radius. The narrow overall width is faster, while a shallow tail makes the board feel smaller to enhance the surfboard feeling with more release on the top turn.

The Integrated Stability Deck provides a stable ride. This greatly helps to reduce fatigue, especially with smaller tippy boards. The new Carve Pro comes with a 3/4 deck pad.


The Thruster or Quad option allows a wide range of tuning. In bigger surf you can really benefit from the quad option for more speed and grip.

The Carve Pro delivers a consistent feel through the range. Each board has similar surfing characteristics with some progression as the boards get smaller. The 7’7” is the most extreme board in the range, while the larger boards in the range are a little more forgiving and make it easy to surf, have fun and progress.


These boards excel at anything from 1⁄2 ft to 15 ft faces, they love to be surfed. Each board in the new range was tested in a wide range of conditions in Hawaii, California, South America & Europe. The result is a range that is built to handle a huge array of waves. Stability was also an incredibly important factor to make these boards user friendly in a wide range of conditions, for example in big waves there is a lot of water moving around and staying upright and confident is very important. In choppy, lumpy conditions, these new boards are very stable and allow you to use a smaller board than you might think to, and surf better.

The Carve Pro is a board with no limits.


Available in 7’7, 7’10, 8’0, 8’2, 8’4, 8’7 feet.

Pro Light Full Double Sandwich Construction.

Hyper Skin High Density.

Futures ILT finboxes.

Available in Pastel Red on Deep Red.

Quatro Carve Pro

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