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Longboard Thruster


This all new board model takes the team back to the roots of classic longboard log-style nose riding. For those who seek the soul-surfer longboard session, with a paddle.


Imagine 1st point Malibu, classic longboard shape, but slightly thicker to be able to stand, rather than prone or knee paddle.

The emphasis here is more on traditional longboard riding, with the outline aimed at wave performance, rather than flat water stability, like we have with the Glide range.


This is the go-to board for anyone looking for guaranteed fun in any waves.


The Ponto features a plug to attach a windsurfing rig for use in flat water.

Available in 10’ feet.


Full Double Sandwich Construction.

US finbox & Futures ILT finboxes.

Available in Pastel Mint on Deep Mint.

Quatro Ponto

size: 10'0"
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