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Along with my recent fascination for wind foiling, I have also grown interest in foiling in other sports such as surfing and SUP. I recently signed on to carry Slingshot and Ride Engine products, as they offer a complete foil lineup at a pretty competitive sticker price.

I received my first order from them this past week, I was super excited as the boxes were being unloaded from the freight truck. I now have, in my possession, a demo HoverGlide 1&2 windfoils, Dialer 145 & Wizard 105 windsurf-specific foil boards, RideEngine SURFfoil, and Airstrike 7'8" SUP foil-specific board.

The products all look amazing, and I cannot wait to try them all out and share my experiences with you. My goal is to gain more experience with foiling and various products and pass that knowledge on to you, the consumer.

Stay stoked and stay tuned!




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