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Product Review: Simmer Flywave 99

Hi folks, I would like to introduce you to the Simmer Flywave 99. If you go to Simmer’s website, it is technically called the G6 Simmer Flywave, as this board is in it’s 6th generation.

The Flywave is best known as Simmer’s down-the-line version of their wave board lineup. Conceived by 30 year Simmer veteran and wave nomad, Kai Katchadourian. Kai travels the earth to find the next reef breaks to ride, which includes spots in California, Hawaii, Cape Verde, Europe, and exotic island locales in the South Pacific. He requires a board that would have enough mobility to get him into critical sections, while also maintaining the looseness that helps him achieve his signature wave riding style.

I first got my hands on the Flywave in its 99 liter size about a year ago now. Now mind you, I have sailed on every generation of flywave since generation one. But they only recently introduced the higher volume 99 liter version. I got myself a 99 Fly to put into my demo stock with some hesitancy. I often sail float and ride/light wind conditions on the coast here in California. Some of my most memorable days have come in long-period swells where the wind is super light at the beach, and varied at the break. Because of this, I often opt to use a higher volume board to help me float into the lineup. While this provides some insurance, it typically comes at a price. I have the mobility to get into the spots that I need to, but I am wanting a looser ride once I'm on the wave. In other words, I was looking for my Goldilocks board--large enough to float me out (and back), and slashy enough to be super fun on wave faces.

Enter the new 99 Fly. After having ridden one for over a year now, I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite boards, and I will continue to ride it often. I reach for this board often, because it checks so many boxes:

  • Floats me at 170 lbs–I can uphaul if needed

  • Planes up well

  • Points to weather

  • Can configure as a Quad, Thruster, or Twin

  • Tight radius turning

  • Composed, stable

  • Perfect weight, excellent construction

Here are a couple recent POV video clips of me using the Flywave 99 and Simmer Blacktip Legacy sails.

In this video clip, I have rigged a 4.7. I was overpowered on the outside, but there was very little wind on the inside (as seen by launch). The 99 Fly’s volume was super helpful in getting me to the windline. The waves were well overhead, mostly logo-high, with the occasional mast-high set.

Despite being overpowered, the 99 Fly kept its composure, even with some death chop on some wave faces. It handled speed with aplomb, and the quad fin configuration kept its grip when I needed it to.

In the second video, I am using the 99 Fly again, this time using a 5.3 Simmer Blacktip Legacy 5.3. Initially, the wind was light, so I had to shlog to the lineup. Eventually the wind picked up enough for me to get onto a plane. The waves were a bit smaller, about chest high mostly.

In contrast to the previous video, this second video shows how versatile this board is. I had a ton of fun in light wind/smallish waves, light wind and big waves (another day that I was unable to capture on my GoPro as my hands were too numb to find the record button...I know, rookie mistake), and higher winds in medium to large-ish sized waves.

If you like riding waves, I would urge you to check out the Simmer Flywave. This version is the 99 Fly, but they come in 72, 78, 85, and 92 liter versions as well. I typically stock a few demo boards, so if you are local, come by and try one out. If you are not local, please feel free to reach out and give me a call. I am happy to answer any of your questions!

See you on the water,



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